Call 2021/2022 Lyska

Information about ESC vacancy 2021/2022 in Lyska Youth Club

Receiving and coordinating organization:

Luzanky – Centre of Leisure Time (SVC Luzanky)

ID: E10146786

Accreditation: 2015-1-CZ01-KA110-022611

Website in English:

Website of Luzanky:

Duration of activity: 12 months

Beginning of activity: 20/09/2021

End of activity: 18/09/2022

Contact person (ESC coordinator): Michaela Růženecká

Phone Nr: +420 724 200 131



Selection process:

Please send us your CV, a motivation letter and completed questions (see below), describe why you have chosen particularly this placement and what your expectations are. In the subject of the e-mail please write name of the ESC placement you are applying for (Lyska).

Please send us the documents till 20 June 2021, at

If you are chosen to the second round of selection, be ready for a Skype interview in the second half of June, beggining of July. The results will be known in July 2021. Kindly note only the volunteers selected for the second round will be informed about the results. Thank you for understanding!

Description of the workplace

Lyska is a part of Luzanky center existing since 2001 which is situated in Novy Liskovec district, close to the Medicine University campus. Nowadays the team consists of 4 permanent pedagogues and some external staff expertise in different disciplines such as animation, circus, sports, languages and music, among others.

Our main activity is to provide non-formal education to the children and adults, mainly in the artistic field. Regular workshops are offered in pottery, special events decoration, customizing t-shirts etc. As indicated, every kind of activities take place in this big space, as ceramics lessons, language courses, sports, craftworks, circus training for 4-7 years old children, bakery program among others. Besides, Lyska organizes exhibitions, trips inside and outside the Czech Republic, and other events for public like parades, winter sports trips and summer or holiday camps for children.

Lyska is looking for a volunteer who would like to assist the permanent staff in our programs for schools and the animation club delivered in one of the surrounding block of flats. The objective of our clubs is to provide quality free-time alternative activities for non-organized youngsters (children and teenagers). The role of the volunteer is to be with the youth in the club and to offer different activities to them. The participating children come from diverse backgrounds, and over the recent years, some of the participants were Roma youngsters facing social difficulties. We will be glad to host a volunteer who loves working with children and teenagers in fields such as arts, dance, theatre and music.

The club is arranged as a tearoom where the painting and handcrafts, workshops or discotheques can take place. All materials for the programs can be found here: football table, painting materials, balls, board games etc.

Our volunteer will have a wide range of non-formal education field possibilities to work in, like the assistance at the artistic and handicraft workshops for schools, kindergartens or activities for adults (ceramics, painting, etc.).

The time schedule of the volunteer:

35 hours weekly

  • 5 hours in the Youth clubs: direct contact with clients in the clubs two times per week

  • 10 hours of weekly assistance in the handcrafts program for schools

  • 5 hours of preparation for the youth club

  • 5 hours weekly of occasional events, discotheques or preparing posters with the program, taking photos, making decoration, setting up the place for the activities etc.

  • 5 hours of preparation and meetings with tutor, the coordinator and the other volunteers

  • 5 hours for the volunteers common/personal project

We offer to our volunteers different kind of support. One of our workers will be your tutor – a guide and adviser who will help you during the whole project. The volunteer will be also provided with all the material of a particular workplace. The volunteer can also visit other activities at Lyska or in other branches of Luzanky.


  1. Why did you choose Lyska for your volunteer work?

  2. What is your motivation to work with children? If you have any experiences please describe them.

  3. What creative activity (45 minutes) would you prepare for the group of 10 children of 7-8 years old?

  4. What would you like to gain from your Solidarity corps volunteering project?

  5. What area are you good at and you would like to share your knowledge and experience with others?

General description of volunteering project in Luzanky:

There are 10 ESC volunteers working at different places on individual projects, meeting every week on common meetings with the coordinator and from time to time with all the colleagues to evaluate and plan the project. Luzanky hosts and coordinates ESC volunteers in other organizations (focused on environmental education, French culture, preschool education etc.). So, all hosted and coordinated volunteers will meet during the project and can visit workplaces and events of each other.

The volunteers are working 5 hours a week together with the coordinator on tasks connected with their integration into Luzanky and presentation of their presence in our organization. Those tasks will be mainly related with promotion of Solidarity corps program, and volunteers stay in Brno. Common trainings organized by Luzanky outside Brno are possible.

Volunteers can visit some of the courses and events organized by Luzanky for free (circus trainings for adults, ceramics, yoga etc.).

The organization will host only volunteers older than 18 years old.

Days off and holidays: volunteers have 2 days a week free + 2 days per month of vacation. While working occasionally on weekends they have extra days off during the week.


Volunteers get their pocket money and food allowance monthly (at the beginning of each month), they areprovided with card for Brno public transport.


Volunteers live in rented flats in single rooms. At the end of the project (August, September) there might be change of accommodation because of administrative reasons.