Call 2022/2023 Lipka

Information about ESC vacancy 2022/2023 in

Lipka – facility Rozmarýnek

Receiving organisation:

Lipka – School Facility for Environmental Education

Accreditation: 2021-1-CZ01-ESC50-094575

Website in English:


Coordinating organization:

Luzanky – Centre of Leisure Time (SVC Luzanky)

ID: E10146786

Accreditation: 2021-1-CZ01-ESC50-094574

Website in English:

Website of Luzanky:

Duration of activity: 12 months

Beginning of activity: 19/09/2022

End of activity: 17/09/2023

Contact person (ESC coordinator): Michaela Růženecká

Phone Nr: +420 724 200 131


Selection process:

Please send us your CV, motivation letter and completed questions (see below), describe why you have chosen particularly this placement and what your expectations are. In the subject of the e-mail please write name of the ESC placement you are applying for (Lipka).

Please send us the documents till 31 May 2022, at

If you are chosen to the second round of selection, be ready for a Skype interview in the second half of June, beginning of July. The results will be known in July 2021. Kindly note only the volunteers selected for the second round will be informed about the results. Thank you for understanding!

Description of the workplace

Training facility Rozmarýnek

Rozmarýnek is the second oldest training facility of Lipka. It designs and implements natural science and environmental education programmes for primary and secondary schools, mostly outside, afternoon courses and camps, especially for kids. A lot of its activities is connected with animals.

Rozmarýnek has a unique garden with permaculture elements, which is open to all visitors. They can see special garden structures and unusual structures to manage water, promote distribution of wild animals on cultivated land etc. The unique garden enables Rozmarýnek to run courses on permaculture for professional public, pedagogues and enthusiasts from afar. We operate an Ecohouse as an example of environmental friendly way of living.

The volunteer will have responsibilities mostly in these areas

  • Maintenance of our precious garden, of our Ecohouse and care for animals. Garden jobs are seasonal (picking fruits, processing them, planting herbs, watering, composting, cutting grass…). Animals require feeding, cleaning, repair either terrariums or coops (we have rabbits, gooses, lizards, stick insects…). Within the care of the Ecohouse volunteer for example cut wood and burn it in our fireplace or is in charge of seasonal decoration. Few hours every week.

  • Leading own activity within afterschool hobby clubs. According to his/her skills, volunteer will take a part time to time (approx. once or twice a month for 2 hrs) in one of our hobby clubs for kids from primary schools (6 to 11 years old) – handicraft, cooking, pet breeding, scientific clubs etc. Kids do not speak English, English-Czech speaking translator will help. Some activities of our hobby clubs can be carried out on weekends (half-day activities).

  • Cooperation on environmental programs for teenagers. Environmental education is the aim of our facility, so the volunteer will participate in preparing or leading some weekend events for teenagers, as well as one-week residential stays and summer camps for teenagers. (approximately 5 weeks during the year). Teenagers speak English.

  • Public events held by the facility. (app. 5 times a year). The volunteer will also participate in preparing public events (taking photoshoot, helping with manual preparations, cooking etc).
  • Preparation of aids and props for environmental programs (e.g. printing, cutting, laminating materials, handicraft). Few hours every week.

  • According to his/her skills, volunteer can be involved into preparation of food (especially vegetarian, from organic ingredients) for our culinary workshops, residential programs or camps (approximately twice a month or 4 weeks during the year).

  • According to his/her language skills, volunteer will lead English lessons, workshops or conversations. Few hours a week.

By mutual agreement the volunteer will have the possibility to visit and cooperate with other facilities of Lipka (Lipová, Kamenná, Jezírko, Rychta) (residential programs for teenagers, handicraft events, English courses for employees etc.)

Previous experience with permaculture gardens and teaching would be an advantage (ability to bring new ideas, views, and methods) but is not a condition.

The time schedule of the volunteer:

35 hours weekly

– 10 hours weekly – manual work in the garden/Ecohouse or with animals

– 7 hours weekly – preparing and conducting programs for children (irregularly, one week stays out of Brno or weekends, afternoon hobby clubs)

– 3 hours weekly – leading English lessons, workshops or conversations (with employees of Lipka or teenagers)

– 5 hours weekly – other activities (irregularly, preparation and organisation of public events, photographing, laminating materials, cooking etc.)

3 hours of Czech language course

2 hours of preparation and meeting with coordinator and other volunteers

5 hours for volunteer´s common/personal projects


1. Why are you interested in environmental education or natural sciences?

2. Please describe your experiences, if you have any, with pedagogical work (age of the children, form of activities, length of your experience).

3. Please describe your English language abilities (e.g experiences with teaching or holding English conversation with adults or teenagers).

4. Are you interested or experienced in working in the garden (take care about animals, do seasonal work in orchard – picking up apples, gardening)?

5. What would you like to gain from your EVS?

6. In what area are you good and you would like to share your knowledge and experience with others?


General description of volunteering project coordinated by Luzanky:

There are 10 ESC volunteers working at different places on individual projects, meeting every week on common meetings with the coordinator and from time to time with all the colleagues to evaluate and plan the project. Luzanky hosts and coordinates ESC volunteers in other organizations (focused on environmental education, French culture, preschool education etc.). So, all hosted and coordinated volunteers will meet during the project and can visit workplaces and events of each other.

The volunteers are working 5 hours a week together with the coordinator on tasks connected with their integration into Luzanky and presentation of their presence in our organization. Those tasks will be mainly related with promotion of Solidarity corps program, and volunteers stay in Brno. Common trainings organized by Luzanky outside Brno are possible.

Volunteers can visit some of the courses and events organized by Luzanky for free (circus trainings for adults, ceramics, yoga etc.).

The organization will host only volunteers older than 18 years old.

Days off and holidays:

Volunteers have 2 days a week free + 2 days per month of vacation. While working occasionally on weekends they have extra days off during the week.


Volunteers get their pocket money and food allowance monthly (at the beginning of each month), they are provided with card for Brno public transport.


Volunteers live in rented flats in single rooms. At the end of the project (August, September) there might be change of accommodation because of administrative reasons.