What is Solidarity corps?

The European Solidarity Corps enables young people to go abroad to provide unpaid service for maximum of one year. This is a true learning process in which young people face challenges in an unknown environment, and learn to exploit their own potential and abilities by engaging in activities in the field of culture, youth work, sport, social care, civil protection, environment, etc.

The scheme is open to young people 18-30 years old from 33 programme countries: the 28 Member States of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey, but also within the 22 neighboring countries (Eastern Europe and south-eastern Europe) and 118 other countries in the world. Project are in duration between 2 and 12 months and all necessary costs are covered by EU grant.

Learn more  https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity.

SVC Luzanky, Brno, Czech Republic

Centre of leisure time Luzanky (SVC Luzanky) is a regional organization formed by the Region of South Moravia. Our goal is to offer free time activities for people of all ages and social groups. Luzanky has just entered the 70th season, being the oldest and the biggest leisure time centre in the Czech Republic. Luzanky is formed by 11 centers situated in different parts of the city, mainly suburbs. We offer about 600 courses and hobby groups of different topics and interests for more than 11 000 participants every year. Every summer we organize the summer camps and various courses for the children, youth and adults. During the school year we offer also the education programs for the schools in Brno.
There is a strong tradition of voluntary work and cooperation with volunteers in our organization. Our philosophy is to create the conditions to fulfill the interests of all the branches of leisure time activities for all the age andsocial groups.

Learn more on luzanky.cz


Coordinator of European Solidarity Corps for incoming volunteers:

Hana Klenovská
e-mail: evs@luzanky.cz
cell-phone: +420 724 200 131
skype: evsluzanky

Volunteer stories

SVC Luzanky has been hosting and sending organization for volunteers since 2006. Every school year we host a group of volunteers from abroad for a 12 month long term ESC (previously EVS) volunteering projects, usually starting in September/October.

So far, Luzanky has hosted 114 foreign volunteers from 23 European and 6 non-European countries and has sent 111 Czech volunteers abroad.

Currently we host in 7 of our workplaces:

Lidická - art department - hobby clubs focused on art, design and ceramics

Louka - leisure time centre - hobby clubs focused on art, sport, music, cooking and also there is a small kindergarten called Maceška

Lata - leisure time centre - mainly focused on preschool children, polytechnic clubs, educational programs for schools

Lyska - Youth club - hobby clubs focused on handicrafts, circus for small children, music

Legato - LeGrando circus - focused on circus activities, also on sewing, working also as youth club

Ateliér Lávka - realizing clubs and workshops with multimedia topic - animation, editing video, recording music, realizing lot of school programs

Lusk - focused on polytecnical education also involved a lot in school programs

We also serve as a coordinating organization for 2 receiving organizations in Brno ( Forest Kindergarten Šiška, o.s. and Lipka - focused on environmental education).

Here ares some stories of our incoming volunteers. Enjoy the reading!

Something went wrong! There was supposed to be a picture of our volunteer Vitaliy here.
Vitaliy (Ukraine)
Something went wrong! There was supposed to be a picture of our volunteer Yasmien here.
Yasmien (Netherlands)
Something went wrong! There was supposed to be a picture of our volunteer Amélie here.
Amélie (France)
Something went wrong! There was supposed to be a picture of our volunteer Dolgora here.
Dolgora (Russia)
Something went wrong! There was supposed to be a picture of our volunteer Marie here.
Marie (France)
Something went wrong! There was supposed to be a picture of our volunteer Rachel here.
Rachel (United Kingdom)

Map of our volunteers – Where do they come from?


What do you know about Brno?

Brno is the second biggest city of the Czech Republic with 400 000 inhabitants, many students and cultural places.

You can enjoy dozens of theatres, concert halls, art galleries and festivals during the whole year. Moreover, the nature around offers famous caves Macocha or the castles Lednice and Valtice), and the places for skating, cycling, hiking, and much more. And for those who like parties, many pubs and clubs are opened all night long.

And of course, the city is located in the heart of Europe. Surrounded by Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria, it is really easy to visit the neighboring countries.

More affordable than Prague, Brno offers a pleasant and dynamic life-style.